Why Mobile Dine Out?

Flat fees.
Pay a set, monthly fee for unlimited use. No sign up fees or commission!
Simple to use.
Mobile Dine Out is faster than mobile sites and more intuitive to use.
Easily update your own content.
Update your menu and location info online.


Choose the best!

Offering affordable monthly rates, an intuitive user interface, and blazing fast performance, Mobile Dine Out is the right choice for your business.

There is a big difference between having a mobile site and having your own app. Many competitors offer ordering through a mobile site for smartphones and tablets. Although it's easier to cover all mobile devices in this fashion, the performance is poor. "Using a mobile device, ordering food through a website could take several minutes and most sites are built only for desktop computers. Web site content travels to and from another computer, called a server, and those clicks travel hundreds of miles before the computer responds with more content,” says Joseph Anderson, creator of Mobile Dine Out. “Using the latest web technologies, Mobile Dine Out holds restaurant information on the phone and eliminates 75% of communication with the servers.” With Mobile Dine Out, moving between screens happens in milliseconds.

Using an app provides a better user experience because a mobile site cannot use the phone's hardware. Mobile Dine Out can send push notifications to consumers and hold information on the phone's database without a login. This makes ordering much faster and smoother. 

While other providers offer no direct way to update your content, Mobile Dine Out allows restaurant owners to easily update their menus online using their mobile device. These updates instantly appear on all smartphones and tablets, which is ideal for the specials menu. Not only can the owner quickly change their menu, but they can add photos and nutrition facts to their offerings.

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